Jordan holds a CrossFit Level-1 and Level-2 Certificate and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Jordan heads up our teen program & loves to private coach.

Connect with Jordan: jordan@momentum.fit@jordanwestmoreland30a

Jordan's Story

When my college volleyball days were over, I filled up my spare time between work and school lacing up my Nikes and going for a run. Only one problem; I gave back all the athleticism, health, fitness, and if I’m candid, a nice curvy shape. Read: I lost my butt. This needed to change quick, fast and in a hurry.

And that’s when my starry eyed relationship with weights began. Weight training was my new best friend, along with the articles section of bodybuilding.com. I became a protein shake guzzling “gym bro.”

I saw results. I lost body fat and I gained muscle. Good, right? Unfortunately, I became completely focused on my outer appearance. #Fitfam selfies became a routine for me on Instagram.

I was never satisfied. A vicious cycle of strict diet mixed with binge eating ensued after competing in a National Physique Committee bikini competition. While focusing solely on how I looked, I totally ignored taking care of my health. It took my body becoming exhausted to the point of falling asleep at the wheel and waking up in another lane to finally understand the dangers I was creating.

It took months, but I worked through my issues by slowly adding moderation back into my life. I got my personal trainer certification so I could help others that had also been in my shoes. Although this was fulfilling at first, something was still missing that I couldn’t figure out.

I came to Momentum Fitness through a mutual friend to get information about the nutrition program they offer. They invited me to a free CrossFit class, which, honestly I was scared silly about accepting. I was intimidated to my bones.

Not only did I live through it, I felt absolutely invigorated. I found that missing piece when I stepped into Momentum Fitness. 

The void that volleyball left in my life had finally been filled. I no longer obsessed over how I looked but instead focused on how I performed. The looks just came with it. The back pain I’d had for years subsided, I got stronger than I’d ever been in my life with no diet restrictions and I felt awesome. Ninja-like, even.

To say that CrossFit and Momentum Fitness changed my life would be putting it mildly. Overcoming the struggles in my personal journey has only strengthened a passion for helping others achieve the same thing.

Through this remarkable fitness platform is the path that staves off and even reverses chronic disease and leads to a longer, fitter and happier life. I find absolute joy in not only being a Momentum Fitness Coach, but someone people can count on outside the gym, too.

I’m proud to be a part of something so valuable to the world!