John holds a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate.

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John’s Story

I started CrossFit in 2010, in my late 40’s. I wasn’t a college athlete, nor had I taken particularly good care of myself. I was a busy husband and father of three, working at a startup that I co-founded, and had all of the stress that seems to come with life at that age.

My marriage, my children, and my business all thrived. I didn’t. Fortunately, my wife saw the impending train wreck and got me some help: a gift of working out at a CrossFit gym.

One visit and I was hooked.

It was a bit intimidating at first. But I wasn’t alone in seeking a cure to the stress and unhealthy habits of my life at the time, and I’m glad to have found it through excellent coaching and education. Unexpectedly, I also found a community of friends and like-minded individuals. We just want to get a little better every day, not a little worse as we age. That’s what hooked me. We were all in this together.

Life at the beach is great. The different seasons are fun -- whether it’s busy or quiet -- and the lifestyle is hard to beat. Most of us like that we can spend more time outside. Our traffic problems are fewer than those of our friends in Atlanta or Birmingham or almost anywhere else. We feel we live a healthier life.

But just living here isn’t enough to guarantee that we’ll stay healthy. I want to help us, particularly those of us who are a little older and wiser, actually achieve the health we want. That’s why becoming a CrossFit Level 1 trainer was so important to me. As I learned more, I began learning how to help others live better lives too.

Coaching at Momentum Fitness gives me an opportunity to share what I’ve learned, continue to learn more, and help my friends and neighbors be active and healthy for the rest of their lives.