Tony is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and has been involved in CrossFit training since 2004. He was owner and trainer of CrossFit Ohio, was managing trainer at CrossFit North Atlanta in 2009 and co-owned CrossFit Genius in Montgomery, Al. in 2010 and ’11. He has attended CrossFit Certificate Courses in Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition and Movement and Mobility, completed Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Connection Movement Seminar and the Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Instructor’s Course.

Tony has participated at various levels in martial arts, distance running, strongman training and a host of other sports and activities over the course of 50+ active years. He has been featured on the CrossFit Live webcast and has been published in the CrossFit Journal.

As a lifelong learner and teacher Tony brings a unique instructor’s perspective to his training at 30A CrossFit. In his former life as a professional musician Tony taught preschool to professional players how to grow their talent as well as the myriad aspects of performing. Understanding how different people learn and acquire skills informs his work as a coach, helping him guide his clients to do their best in every facet of athletics.

Tony's Story

""When I was a kid I wanted to be a superhero. Not an alien from another planet – I wanted to be home for lunch – or a radiation enhanced spider guy or glow in the dark freaky looking sort. No, I longed to be a Batman type hero. Mortal, earthly but badass. I was a practical kid. I could do this.

So I ran and climbed and jumped. I did stunts on my bike. I swung on ropes and monkey bars. I worked on secret weapons and role-played battling super villains and saving the innocent. Good times.

Then one day I realized it’d been months since I’d read a comic book, even longer since I’d worked on a secret code and that genuine school work and trumpet practice had begun to take up my outside play time. I was growing up. Life goes on.

I stayed in “pretty good shape” as I went on, mixing some running with Muscle and Fitness inspired weight training. I actually made some good gains and felt OK. I did some Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, played softball and stayed ahead of the age curve. But it was hit or miss as most of what I did was pretty boring and I’m easily…look, shiny!

Deep into my 40’s, looking for some more “functional” workouts to help me prepare for the Masters Strongman comp I wanted to do, I stumbled onto CrossFit.com. “Not heavy enough, too much running,” and on I went. At 5’10” I weighed a not-so-lean 225 with a goal of 240. I was strong-like-bull but the second flight of stairs left me breathless. But a few more visits to the CrossFit main site and I figured “Why not, let’s give it a try.”

So, I tried it.


I felt terrible for a couple days — not just from the physical effort but more from the realization that all the other training I’d ever done had some huge gaps in efficacy and my gains were lopsided, at best. I was destroyed.

But I knew I was onto something. More research and homework and I began to understand. I got help, guidance and support from the fantastic worldwide CrossFit community. I learned about scaling, modifying, adapting movements to available equipment. I subscribed to the CrossFit Journal and read every issue cover to cover. I got it. This was what I’d been looking for. Practical, useful and fun.

My teaching background as a professional musician lent itself well to coaching and the passion I developed for the revolutionary, cutting-edge program that is CrossFit carried me to my Level 1 Certification in November 2004.

So, I practiced. Training myself and coaching others. Family, friends, neighbors, strangers if they’d hold still long enough. First, in my garage, then in somebody else’s gym, then in a space of my own as CrossFit Ohio. My Level 2 Certification in Charlotte, NC 2007 was amazing. I even competed at the ’09 Southeast Regional Masters event. CrossFit was growing fast. So, I hoped, was I.

A year tenure as Lead Trainer at CrossFit North Atlanta, then on to Montgomery to open CrossFit Genius with Karen. Our next move, the best one yet, to the incredible community of 30a has been amazing. We have fantastic clients who have become friends. We work out together, we have fun, we eat good food and talk about how to live longer and thrive.

We battle villains and save the innocent. We’re superheroes."