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Our Next Program is Feb. 18-Mar 14. 3:30-4:30PM on Tu/Thurs.



is designed to develop the full-body strength, mobility, and explosive power to give your young athlete an edge on the field, on the court and in real life. We frequently assist local teams and/or athletes from schools such as Seacoast Collegiate High School, South Walton High School, Emerald Coast Middle School, Ohana Institute and Arnold High School to take their training to the next level.

We not only teach how to work out functionally, we teach the essence of focus, perseverance, dedication, and motivation. We strengthen the body and also the mind. Along with performance, athletes often see a positive change in self confidence, attitude, study and sleep habits through our program.

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we create a tighter-knit community of like-minded, confident young adults that can lean on one another for support. The camaraderie created between the teenage athletes through our class is special, crucial for success, and something that will help shape these teenagers for the rest of their lives. Our goal is to help each athlete get stronger, increase aerobic capacity, and move better and safer than they ever have, setting them up for success in any sport they choose to participate in.



and there is no doubt that we work hard. We crush goals, get better everyday, and create confidence in our bodies that makes us proud to be who we are. We leave everything on the floor in each session, but we are always hungry for the next chance to get better than we are now. Coach Jordan will push your athlete to reach their fullest potential while being a un uplifting, supportive resource.

Our program is led by Jordan Westmoreland, a retired collegiate volleyball player, Co-Owner of Momentum Fitness, as well as Head Coach. Jordan takes pride in being a good example for teenage athletes to look up to. Her story is motivating; visit her page Here!  Contact Coach Jordan.

Let us help your athlete reach their fullest potential while having fun, because there’s no reason it shouldn’t include both!

Each program is

Four weeks long, eight sessions total,

one-hour in length, and $99.


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