Running is a skill

Running is not just about aerobic training. Being able to run well is essential to becoming a complete athlete whether recreational or competitive. Most runners over-stride exposing themselves to an increased risk of injury. If you’ve had shin splints, knee pain, calf tightness, Achilles soreness, IT band complaints or plantar fasciitis, chances are you’re over-striding.

Become a Better Runner

Proper technique is the cornerstone of every sports discipline and all activities that involves human movement: dancing, martial arts, tennis, etc. Running is no different. Learning the correct running Pose is just as important as having a stable position for an overhead squat, or proper asana in yoga. So in order to run faster, run farther, avoid injuries & reduce impact on your body – you need to improve your technique.

Spend 90-minutes with a Pose Running Technique Specialist analyzing and refining your running technique. Each lesson is unique to the athlete's goals and experience level. The session includes video analysis, the basics of Pose running, drills to improve your running technique, nutrition strategy for training, racing specific recovery, mobility and recovery techniques to keep you pain and injury free, plus six-weeks of homework to improve your running efficiency. The cost of the session is $145 and can be scheduled here.


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