Mission Statement

We inspire people to live meaningful, happy, productive & connected lives. This may sound like a lofty claim for a fitness company but we believe the combined power of our training philosophy, our coaching expertise and our amazing community will literally & significantly change lives for the better.

We are life changers.

At no point in history has the world needed us more. We are willing, able and impassioned to step up to the task of freeing human animals from the confines of modern life.

Movement is fundamental. We teach safe, efficient, natural movement expression to athletes of all ages.

Fitness is an obligation. If you do not tend to your fitness, you become a burden to society, to your family and to yourself. We will not allow that.

Community is essential. We are social creatures. We thrive on contact, especially with those like-minded individuals that “get us.” In a disconnected and, at times, dispassionate world we are the haven for those that seek warmth, encouragement and love.


Momentum Fitness, Powered by 30a CrossFit is Northwest Florida's leading group fitness classes and personal training facility servicing Santa Rosa Beach, Panama City Beach, FL and all of 30A and South Walton!