When my son Degen and I moved here from Minnesota in 2015 we were excited to get out and start exploring. Soon after, he and I were doing a swim test when not only didn’t I pass, I almost drowned in the attempt. The EMT on site said, “Look, you're a big boy, you need to take it easy".

I was 320 lbs and up to that point didn't feel like my weight would stop me from doing anything…until I realized it could might kill me. As a single dad my first and always concern is to stay on this planet as long as I can for my son.

I met Tony and he asked me to visit the gym and learn more about what they do. I had never even heard of CrossFit before but Tony was knowledgeable and sincere and I knew he could help me.

I felt welcomed from the second I walked in Momentum Fitness. The coaches and other athletes are here for each other every step of the way. This became my home, filled with constant support and good vibes.

I’ve lost 100 lbs and discovered a passion not only to better myself but to help others no matter where they start off physically to achieve their fitness goals and to become the best version of themselves.