Fat loss results that last take time

Imagine you are brand new to barbell training and you have a goal of being able to lift 200 pounds. You walk into a gym and explain to the trainer what you want to accomplish. The trainer then loads up a barbell to 200 pounds and has you try to pick it up. Of course, having never trained to lift heavy, you fail. But the trainer tells you to continue to try to pick it up since that is your goal.

You would quickly walk out of that gym, right?

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Habits > Willpower

Have you ever decided to make a change in your life? You know, like eating better or working out every day. You get fired up to start and make all your preparations. The first week goes great. But by the second week you're starting to lose steam. Then, when the third week rolls around you're just, well, done

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1,000,000 reasons to keep a food journal

Eating is, after sleep, the most important component of our health, fitness and longevity. It fuels us, repairs our tired bodies and replenishes our souls. It seems a shame not to pay it proper attention. If you're accountable to yourself (or someone else) for what goes in your face it'll make a huge difference in your life/diet/fitness success.

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