Healthy friendships = healthy you

Training with people that you like, care about and enjoy being around not only makes your work out more fun it may also make you healthier.

Recent studies have found that loneliness can increase your risk of early death as much as smoking or alcoholism.

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Being social as important as exercise

We all know that good nutrition and consistent exercise our key to living a longer, healthier, happier life. But another key component often goes unmentioned even though it can be just as significant as being active and eating well. We're, of course, talking about having a good, supportive social circle. 

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Is your workout more work than play?

e want you to take the importance of health, fitness and longevity seriously but we definitely don’t want you to take the process too seriously.

If you really are training to live better, longer (and who isn’t, really?) you need to make sure you are having fun, i.e. playing, as much as you are training. 

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