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With longer days, we have more time to do cool stuff. You know, like hanging out at the beach, hanging out with friends and exploring this amazing area where we live.

The best thing we can do with the extra hours of daylight this time of more. 

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Sleep...we're not kidding

One of the simplest and most effective strategies for improving health and fitness is improving the quality of your sleep. We say it all the time. But have you truly paid attention to how long and how well you sleep? 

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Healthy friendships = healthy you

Training with people that you like, care about and enjoy being around not only makes your work out more fun it may also make you healthier.

Recent studies have found that loneliness can increase your risk of early death as much as smoking or alcoholism.

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Your secret weapon

As we’ve been training you to be stronger, faster, fitter you probably now realize that we’ve also been giving you a secret weapon that not only enhances those three qualities but also makes you perform better at work, be a more supportive spouse or partner and, dare we say it, makes you drop dead sexy.

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Volume vs. Intensity

There seems to be a trend with CrossFit lately, most likely fueled by the superhuman performances of Games athletes and their legendary training load, that more, longer, harder is better.

The truth is, for the vast majority of CrossFit athletes who are training for health, fitness and longevity, this mindset is unnecessary at best and detrimental to those goals at worst.

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