Being social as important as exercise

We all know that good nutrition and consistent exercise our key to living a longer, healthier, happier life. But another key component often goes unmentioned even though it can be just as significant as being active and eating well. We're, of course, talking about having a good, supportive social circle. 

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Is your workout more work than play?

e want you to take the importance of health, fitness and longevity seriously but we definitely don’t want you to take the process too seriously.

If you really are training to live better, longer (and who isn’t, really?) you need to make sure you are having fun, i.e. playing, as much as you are training. 

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"Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast."

That is one of our favorite sayings at Momentum Fitness | 30A CrossFit. It seems like a contradiction at first until you really dig into the meaning. 

CrossFit is about moving heavy loads long distances quickly -- in other words, efficiency in movement. Get rid of any extraneous movement -- refine it to it's most effective form. Which leads to our second favorite saying: "SIMPLIFY."

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Are they finally getting it?

I recently received a text from my sister saying that her doctor recommended she try switching to a Paleo type diet and pick up a beginning level CrossFit style workout. She thought maybe I had some sort of unseen influence on her physician. 

While I'd like to take credit for her doc's advice, I would even more like to believe that the medical community is finally embracing the ideas that CrossFit has championed from day one (see "Elite Fitness in 100 words" above). CrossFit started out as the outlier...the underground workout that spread by word of mouth. Now it has become mainstream. Although Coach Gassman still relishes the role of outsider looking to change the world of fitness.  

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Volume vs. Intensity

There seems to be a trend with CrossFit lately, most likely fueled by the superhuman performances of Games athletes and their legendary training load, that more, longer, harder is better.

The truth is, for the vast majority of CrossFit athletes who are training for health, fitness and longevity, this mindset is unnecessary at best and detrimental to those goals at worst.

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Who is your tribe?

Everyone needs a tribe. Especially in modern times when technology has done as much to disconnect as connect us from one another.

With the right tribe, you can be the best you possible.

You likely know that belonging to a supportive group of people is important for your mental and emotional health. But it is also key to your physical health as well.

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