Play more

With longer days, we have more time to do cool stuff. You know, like hanging out at the beach, hanging out with friends and exploring this amazing area where we live.

The best thing we can do with the extra hours of daylight this time of more. 

While we enjoy a lazy day at the beach or at the pool with a cold beverage as much as anyone, the opportunity to be more active and have more fun is too hard to pass up. 

In fact, it's actually one of the things that sets us apart from other mammals: 

"...we retain the early interest in exploring, experimenting, and tinkering with our environments long after the adults of other species have settled into the serious business of instinctual routine. Though we had our own survival to ensure in the same harsh circumstances, we held on to the juvenile tendency of pushing the envelope in ways other adult mammals didn’t."

The top of the hierarchy of physical development that CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman created is "learn and play new sports."  In other words, get out of the gym and use the fitness you've built in the real world. 

Your fitness should help you live better longer and it should also enhance your ability to enjoy your life, the world you live in and all of your friends and family right now.

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