I don’t...


It’s a simple phrase but in can be incredibly powerful if you use it the right away. Especially if you use it instead of I can’t when it comes to a habit you are trying to change.  

Seriously, it just feels so much better. 

Try it on for size. Let’s say you are trying to cut processed sugar out of your diet because, you know, one of the 500 million reasons it messes with your metabolism, mood and long-term health. Now, say someone offers you a leftover piece of Halloween candy (c’mon, that was almost a week ago) or a little chocolate donut or some other non-food treat.

You could say “I can’t eat that.” Which implies (true or not) that you are letting some external motivation control you and you have not choice in the matter. 


You could day “I don’t eat that.” Which implies (true or not) that you are deciding to not eat that abomination because “hey, not in this temple.” 

One phrase comes from a place of weakness. The other from a place of power and self-determination.  

When trying to make a positive and healthy change guess which one wins.