Healthy friendships = healthy you

Training with people that you like, care about and enjoy being around not only makes your work out more fun it may also make you healthier.

Recent studies have found that loneliness can increase your risk of early death as much as smoking or alcoholism.

As reported in Slate: "Social isolation impairs immune function and boosts inflammation which can lead to type 2 diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Loneliness is breaking our hearts, but as a culture we rarely talk about it."

And just like the obesity epidemic, the rate of loneliness, especially in older adults continues to rise: "Loneliness has doubled: 40 percent of adults in two recent surveys said they were lonely, up from 20 percent in the 1980s."

Eating a healthy diet and doing a combination of strength and cardio training a few times a week will do a lot for your health and longevity. Doing those things with others will help you even more. Finding your tribe who will encourage and support your health and fitness goals is important. Spending time with that tribe of friends having fun, working hard and cheering each other on is priceless.