Don't fear the holidays

When you think of the holidays do you think of crisp, fall air, the smell of turkey roasting, joyous singing and happy times with family and friends? Or do you think of decorations that go up WAY too early, Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness, too many parties, too much food and that family blow up that happens. Every. Single. Year?

If you are like most people it's a combination of both. Like the rest of life, the holidays can be filled with highs and lows. It's just that those highs and lows are condensed into 6 weeks and if we don't have a good strategy going into them we can become overwhelmed very easily.

Luckily, my latest post on the Whole Life Challenge blog, has some great tips for staying ahead of the stress when visiting family this holiday season.  My favorite:

"Treat Family Like Strangers You’re Meeting for the First Time
This is a tough one. After all, our families are the people who know us best because they have known us the longest. But everyone changes, day by day, month by month, year by wow-it’s-been-that-long year. Instead of focusing on all the things you know about your family members, try to find out all the things you don’t know about them.
It’s funny that we’ll treat perfect strangers with the utmost civility and deference, but treat our family members like that guy who cut in front of you in the bank line. Treat your mom like the wonderful, interesting, and wise woman you ran into at the bakery. Treat your brother like the witty and successful man that was so interesting at the cocktail party. Just try it, and see what you learn and feel about your loved ones."

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