I don’t...

It’s a simple phrase but in can be incredibly powerful if you use it the right away. Especially if you use it instead of I can’t when it comes to a habit you are trying to change.  

Seriously, it just feels so much better. 

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If everybody does it, is it normal?

There are a lot of times when the group is just plain wrong. Years ago it was accepted to bind women's feet. All kinds of corruption, government sanctioned bigotry and even murder still exist. That's an extreme example but how extreme does a practice have to be before we put our cultural foot down?

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Letting go

Most of the things that occupy our "free time" and excess mental capacity are of our own making and almost exclusively a load of crap. Worry is the great crippler. If you can do something about it, then do it! If you can't then it isn't worth worrying about. Stop it.

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What's your measure?

Our online nutrition & lifestyle program not only asks you for pounds and inches but also for something much more important -- the progress indicator that YOU decide is important.

Our online nutrition & lifestyle program not only asks you for pounds and inches but also for something much more important -- the progress indicator that YOU decide is important.

Making change is as much, if not more, an emotional and psychological battle than a physical one. Changing how we relate to food is not just about controlling appetites and eating less. It's understanding the behaviors that have led us to where we are. Being super strict with our eating and super critical of our behavior might lead to weight loss. It also might lead to a life of misery and self-loathing. 

So, why do we only look at the number on the scale, the inches on the tape measure, the time of our workout or the weight on the bar when we evaluate our health & fitness goals? Our online nutrition & lifestyle program asks a couple of important questions along with your numbers.

The first is "Considering your specific goals, what other progress indicators do you want to track?" Objective measurements are important but so are the subjective ones that only you can determine and judge. Are you happier? Are you more connected to the people you care about? Do you spend more time playing with your kids? Are you less likely to argue with your significant other? Are you taking time everyday to take care of you? These are the real indicators of progress and  WAY more important than the number on the scale.

The second question is "Did my behavior this week lead to progress toward my goals?" Here's the cool thing: there is no right or wrong answer. If it's a yes, great. If it's mostly, great. If it's no but I know how to get back on track, great. If it's no, I'm completely lost and need help, great. 

It would be easy to view that last choice as a failure. But, in fact, it's extremely useful. It allows a conversation between me and my client about whether the indicator she picked is really something that matters to her and how we can work together to better understand what healthy means to her. This process reveals so much about how we view ourselves and what we truly want our health and fitness to look and feel like. Too often, we allow others space in our heads to dictate what we think we want. By stripping those other voices away, we come to the true meaning of health -- a positive self-image built with confidence and love. 

To learn more about our online nutrition and lifestyle coaching program go here or email me. We'll be adding a physical training (a.k.a. an assigned workout of the day) to the program in the coming weeks, so it will be a fully inclusive health & fitness program. 

Are you making progress?

There's a thought in Buddhism, Judaism, almost all the -isms and philosophies, in fact, that goes something like "wash the dishes to wash the dishes". It means stay in the moment, notice what you're doing, feel the water, smell the air and be really present. It's easy to drift off and rush through things to get to that cup of tea when you're done

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Look over there!

The best instructors I had had forgotten more than I'll ever know. Yet I rarely noticed their depth of knowledge because that's not what they were trying to teach me. Knowing the technical details of a thing hardly ever makes you better at doing something. It's the application of the basic principles to the situation that make you better at doing that thing. 

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Keep your judgement off my workout

You're a couple of months into your new fitness program. You are making great progress and are super happy because this is the longest you've been able to stick to a program. In fact, you are so excited that you decide to post a selfie to your favorite social media site and....oh, snap....here come all the comments.

"You're going to hurt your back/shoulder/knee"

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Hello, Momentum Fitness, Sayonara Back Pain

Hands down, there is nothing more annoying or uncomfortable than a part of your body in chronic pain, especially your back. For years, I blamed my back pain on the scoliosis (curvature of the spine) that I have. No kidding, on every single “leg day,” I prepared myself for pain that would stick around the rest of my day like an unbearable headache. Without fail, at some point during my leg workout, I knew I’d feel a sharp stab in my low back that my SO and training partner Robby and I dubbed a “tweak.” A few reps into our workout, typically during squats, we would ask each other, “You got the tweak yet?” More bizarre? Robby felt it, too, and he doesn’t even have scoliosis! Interesting.

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Ya Gotta Have Standards

It’s important to have standards.

For your business dealings, your dating choices and, yes, your movement.

We are big believers in movement standards. What constitutes a squat, press, handstand, pushup? Without standards, there really is no movement. 

Same goes for that part of your life called working out. There's suffering involved (or should be, at least occasionally). On long or especially intense workouts considerable suffering. If done right enough suffering to even make you think about quitting. But guess what? It can always be worse. 

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Put down that donut and think better

You may think you should put the donut down because it’s going to pack the pounds on. You know, “once on the lips, forever on the hips.”

And, yes, there is truth there but there’s a more compelling reason to forgo the sugary treat: keeping your brain in top condition. And I’m not talking about having a super-high, diabetic or pre-diabetic glucose level. Even a slightly elevated blood glucose level can effect memory. 

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Why not sturdy?

In my estimation, as a human being, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, religious affiliations, taste in fashion or favorite color, one thing you should strive to be is sturdy. If you're not striving to be sturdy, i.e. strong, resilient, capable, useful, you are allowing yourself to disgracefully & ungracefully slide into decrepitude. 

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Where does confidence come from?

I started studying martial arts at the ripe age of 30. I know 30 is still pretty wet behind the ears, relative to where I am now at the youthful age of 47. 

My point is I never did Martial Arts as a kid, much as I secretly wanted to. I was shy.

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