Pack my lunch? Really!?!!

"Look, I'm crazy busy. Home work, family and friends, social obligations, I gotta get to the gym. Now you want me to eat a decent lunch? Whatever, dude. That's why I work out, remember?"

For our purposes we'll presume you're sleeping OK.  But right after that ya gotta eat. It's so easy to get overwhelmed during the day and just grab the first sorta-kinda edible substance and shove it in your pie hole. Not cool. You know the quality of your food is a big chunk of your health, fitness and longevity. And the hardest meal to get even close to right is in the middle of your work day.

We're here for you. Take a look at the infographic above and rejoice in the simple joy of decent food. The rest of your lunch time groove: stop working, focus on what you're eating and truly enjoy it.

Look for more graphics here.

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