Stop crushing it



It's cliche and it's embarrassing. Nobody says that anymore. What's that even mean?

Everybody crushes everything. You can crush real estate sales, the status quo, your supplements,  middle graders can crush it, so can old folks, and little kids, too. 

And of course you can crush your workout. This is where it matters to us. What does crushing it mean, exactly? Throwing caution to the wind and going full bore every time you walk in the gym? Is every day game day? Does it even matter how well you do or is it all just about screaming and sweating and eating chalk.

I beg to differ. First of all, we only max on anything occasionally. Once maybe twice a year, tops, on any given moves or benchmark. We'd much rather see you working within your capacity and increasing that capacity slowly over time. If you always work to improve your 80% effort then by extension you improve your 100% effort. Has to happen.

Think of it this way; Rich Froning's 80% is better than 99.44% of every other athlete on the planet's 100%. You should be as good as 60% of Rich's output. May 50%. I'd be happy with 10%. To me that'd be all out. To Rich that's easy.

That's how your workouts should feel. Easy. Not like you're about to blow a gasket. Not like the wheels are gonna come off any second. You shouldn't be in a exhausted heap on the floor in a puddle of your own [insert body fluid here] at the end of a workout. This doesn't give you license to sandbag. 80% is challenging. It's supposed to feel like work. You're pushing yourself, just not to the point of failure.

And make no mistake. Going 100% all the time is Failure. You're not going to get better by going 100% all the time. You're failing.

Try this instead. Instead of crushing the load or the time crush the movements. Give yourself over to improving your quality of movement. Really focus on getting to the bottom of your squat, be patient in the pull on your clean, get your f-ing chin over the bar on your pull ups. Quality trumps load and speed every time.

This takes practice. It's perception and honesty and tolerance to discomfort and smart programming and setting your ego aside and paying attention to your goals, not someone else's and a ton of other things. This, too, can be challenging. But it's so worth it. 

This is our every day work. We'll help you. Let us.

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