Doc, it hurts when I do that


You go to the doctor with a pain in your foot. He says, "Great! Here's a scrip for 200 800mg of Motrin. Make your copay at the desk. Next!" and off you go. A week later you're not better. In fact it hurts even worse. There's blood on your sock. Back to the doctor. "To the podiatrist!", he declares. You go. Tests, video diagnosis, gait analysis, an MRI, allergy tests, biometric read outs, the works. Then, physical therapy, orthotics, strength training, meditation, breathing exercises, pain management...

Your. Foot. Still. Hurts.

You set your crutches on the end of the sofa at your mom's house. She asks and you tell her the whole, long story. She tsk, tsk's and uh-huh's in all the right places. She say's "just relax, take your shoes off and I'll get you something to drink." As she picks up your shoes to put them out of the way (she knows you won't do it) she looks in the one from your injured foot. She stops, reaches in and pulls out...

a rock. A small, unremarkable rock. "This was stuck in the insole. Do you need it for anything?" 

When you look around you see this all the time. But it's not a rock in somebody's shoe. It's back pain, a stiff shoulder, it's IBS and sinus problems and itchy skin. It's high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides and A1C, low blood sugar, high blood sugar and the mother of them all Type 2 diabetes. When you go to the doctor he'll give you a pill. He doesn't have time to do anything else. You can 7 day cleanse and 4 week diet and do 30 day challenges and 6 week makeover and all the other BS you want. In the end these things just treat the symptoms. You want to get your health, fitness and longevity on track? You want to make meaningful, sustainable change?

Take the rock out of your shoe. Fix the root cause of your issues. Stop screwing around with pop culture remedies and Dr Oz and Oprah crap and do the work. Eat better and move a little is the simple prescription. If you're having trouble get some help. No, not Self or Cosmo or Men's Health. Real help. A knowledgable, qualified trainer. Like us.

We can help you. Let us. 

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