You are your own expert and a book recommendation


In this era of specialists - from doctors to plumbers to accountants - we tend to let others do things for us that, back in the day, we did for ourselves. It wasn't that long ago that many people had farms or gardens and grew at least a portion of the food they ate. Used to be the neighbors got together to put a your barn. If something broke or needed maintenance around the house you did it yourself. Mike Rowe talks about this kind of work and specifically how his dad, John,  built the house Mike and the family grew up in by himself, without plans. That's concrete, framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, sheetrock, fixtures, all of it. Mike's dad isn't unique and that hasn't been that long ago.

So why does this matter to you and your fitness? First of all, because it's your fitness. Not the neighbor's, not the farmer's and certainly not your doctor's. It's yours. Good or bad, getting better or degrading, your health, fitness and longevity are yours alone.  You're the only one who can decide what you need to be fit (you know, useful) and the best way to go about it. 

This could seem overwhelming. "Useful to do what, exactly?", you ask. If you're a fireman, a window cleaner or a lumberjack (and that's OK) the answer is pretty straightforward. You've got to be able to do all the things necessary to do these very physical jobs effectively and not die.

For others of us the answer's not so obvious. Office workers, lawyers, teachers, business typhoons and a host of other non-physical jobs could wonder what kind of use they should fulfill. Fair enough. Everybody's specifics can be different but there are some universal truths about physical, mental and emotional usefulness. 

Fortunately, you don't have to figure it out on your own. There are lots of resources around to help you. Books by Checkley, Bragg, Calvert, and most notably Georges Hebert all go to get lengths to extoll "natural training". The biography of Teddy Roosevelt is full of this kind of stuff. Dan John talks about Easy Strength in his book of the same name and Tim Noakes is the godfather of endurance running and sports. Erwan Le Corre created MovNat to train himself and others these very things. All these are a practical, useful view of health and fitness and how you can get there.

If that's too daunting a study list, I get it. I haven't read them all and probably won't. But there's a great book called Natural Born Heroes that references all of them and tells a great story at the same time. The core of the story is the battle for Crete in World War 2 but it's so much more. It weaves together archeology, nutrition, Greek mythology, fascial strength, CrossFit, using fat as fuel, Parkour, endurance training, stories of derring do and the true meaning of being a hero. 

And guess what? We can help you become more useful! The 10 Aspects of Fitness are part of what we are. Come see us and let us help you. 

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