Work with what you're given


"Your body is a collection of strategic advantages." - Krista Scott-Dixon

This quote is from the "Grace and Grit" podcast hosted by Courtney Townley with Mistress Krista. It's a fantastically different way of seeing your body. 

Most of us, men and women both, have been lied to so much and so consistently that we believe there is a certain body type we should aspire to. All popular media pushes those images to create discomfort so we'll buy more stuff. 

Let's hope we can put that to rest. It's a lie, you know it. Relax. That's a continuing fight for another day.

Let's instead focus not on what we look like but what we can do. See your body as a set of strategic advantages. Rather than being upset or angst-ridden that I'm not built like a swimmer, because I like to swim, I do. No particular judgements, I'm not training to go the Olympics I'm just swimming. Within that, is also understanding the adjustments I can make to take advantage of the body type and abilities I have. Using what I have - who I am - to be as good as I can be. Because I have short arms I need to adjust my stroke, my legs are longer than average for a person my height so I use them differently than another differently shaped athlete.

Do what you do because you enjoy it. Identify and focus on your strengths. Adapt your approach to your weaknesses to get as good as you can get and be happy with that. If you're not sure what those strengths or weaknesses are or what do about them ask your coach. 

Life is not about how you look it's about what can do. The looks will follow your performance. Be the best you, that's it.



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