Moderation in all things

Is bu!!$h!T.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Now relax and let's talk.

When I hear moderation in all things from most people I hear "There are no rules, I'm going to eat anything I want and not worry about it. Moderation!"  How's that working for you?

I'm betting not all that well. On some level you've got to commit. Not to a specific diet plan or eating schedule - they don't work - but to yourself. Are you committed to yourself? Are you doing the little things everyday that let you live your best life? Do you know what those things are? Or how to learn them?

An example: I want to learn to play guitar. So I buy a guitar and start to play? Not bloody likely. I've got to learn the skills - reading music, finger placement, strumming technique - to be able to play. How do I get those skills? By knowing what the little parts are of each skill and practicing those individual parts. How do I practice? By developing the habits of practice. Choosing a specific time and place would work, drilling certain patterns of notes, scales and chords, building the habit of listening to experienced players in the genre I want to learn by playing that music in the car as I commute. The idea is to make the habit easy to create and stick with to create the skills I need.

Same thing goes for exercise and nutrition. Creating habits to build skills is the only way you'll accomplish these things, too. Setting your workout gear next to the door the night before, cooking some food ahead for the week, making an appointment with a coach or classmate to commit yourself are all habits to allow you to learn skills that will give you control of your life.

So throwing up your hands and declaring that you'll muddle along with "moderation in all things" is just an institutionalized method of not committing to yourself. It's another way of deciding not to decide - which is a decision not to be your best.

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