You're a system of systems

Good times

Good times

This is one of our heroes, Kelly Starrett's, favorite sayings. This is simple on the surface and it's helpful to understand this idea as it applies to your health and fitness.

To quote K Star from the Mobility WOD site: 

"On the surface, the stunning variety of human movement can appear quite complex. In fact, unraveling all of this miraculous function is more straight-forward than one might think... seeing past the complexity and variability, to the common root language of fundamental shapes, positioning, and tissue organization that unify all human movement."

We're going to go even a little bit farther. The shoulder is a system. Ditto the hip and ankle. But you've got other systems working in the background. Your immune system and the digestive process, a cardiovascular delivery apparatus, the lymphatic circulation mechanism so important to healing and the cascade of hormones that regulates everything that happens.  All collections of moving parts and processes that have to work well in concert with all your other systems. 

Fortunately, the amazing organic machine that it is your body does this automatically 24/7/365 without a conscious thought from you. However, that doesn't mean you can take it for granted or, worse, mentally or emotionally separate any of the parts and treat it as a solitary function.

Hopefully, you've realized that isolation movements are a ineffective (and silly looking) way to exercise. Lateral raises, seated cable rows and curls have no corollary in real life and serve no purpose in a fitness plan. The same goes for just stretching (no matter how tribal and primal) and running the same distance at the same speed day after day. Isolation is a bad plan on every level.

So how could eating with the sole purpose of losing weight be any different? You're isolating what you eat from your emotional connection with food, ignoring sleep and recovery, exercise and it's place in your life and generally making yourself miserable. "Oh, I'm just going to do this 800 calorie a day cleanse until I lose the weight." How's that working for you? How'd it work for you last time? Because I know as well as you do this isn't the first time you've punished yourself, lost 6, 10, 13 pounds only to gain that back and more. Nice job, well done. It has not worked every time, you've consistently and repeatedly failed. You're helping keep the Challenge companies and juicer companies in business.

If you don't address your health, fitness and longevity as a integrated whole, a system of systems, you are doomed to fail and live a artificially short, miserable life. Truth.

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