Clean eating

I remember, not that long ago, when "clean eating" was OK, a good thing. To me it meant no Fruit Loops or boxed mac and cheese, plenty of vegetables and quality protein and not too much.

When did that change? When did "clean" take on classist overtones. "Rich white people shit" is a pretty common meme around the interwebs when people talk about sustainable, local, antibiotic-free, non-GMO, organic, blah, blah, blah. 

And why not? At one time it was fringy to eat greens you grew in a pot on the back porch or buy your meat from a rancher instead of the superstore. As soon as it reached a moderate critical mass the "beautiful people" latched onto it through their fitness guru's and yoga teachers and ruined it. Now it's not fringy any more, it's "trending". It's a contest to see who can be cleaner.

This only serves to throw shade on every other food not deemed clean as, well, unclean. Not cool when so many people don't have access to fresh produce of any kind much less organic, et al. There are an alarming number of kids in this country who go to bed hungry. Try talking to them about sustainable agriculture. 

In the end, all this cleanliness may not matter that much, anyway. The nutritional benefits of "clean" foods are questionable and the science is still out on the dangers of factory farming practices in general. Besides, if you're eating Little Debbie's and washing them down with Mt. Dew you could do worse than replacing that with a conventionally grown apple. 

There's no one type of healthy food. Eat a varied diet of unprocessed foods, slowly, to 80% full. Eat things you like. That's sustainable. If you get that far then you can start worrying about locally sourcing your broccoli juice smoothy. Until then, lighten up, will ya?

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