Stop trying

"I'll give it a shot."

"Let's see what happens."

"We'll take a whack at it."

Take a swing, make a stab at it, give it a whirl, however you say it you're going to try. Sounds exciting, daring even. And yet there's something not quite right, a frivolous tone that says "I don't actually care, I'm just fooling around."

That's not what we mean of course. We mean we're up for a challenge, we're charging into battle, fighting the unbeatable foe, bearing with unbearable sorrow, all of that. 

And yet, there's no escaping the thought, no, the feeling, in the background that I'm only going to give this enough effort to find out whether I really want to finish what I'm starting. 

Maybe that's OK. Maybe I have the time and energy, the money, the space and gear it takes to dabble at this thing. Maybe I've got a couple months and the room to store my failures to "try" to learn cabinet making, for instance. Or the jingle to spend on a guitar and lessons only to give up in a few weeks. 

But I doubt it. None of us (no one I know, anyway) has the resources to explore every new shiny that comes along. Without a sense of purpose and a genuine commitment your life and your garage and family room closet are doomed to be choked with power tools, classic cars, half finished bird houses, unplayed musical instruments, video editing gear...

Oh, and lest we forget, treadmills, recumbent bikes, thigh masters, push up handles, suspension trainers and all the DVD's and streaming subscriptions that go with them. Don't get me started on diet books, meal plans, mail order food and the rest. We'll get back to this in a minute.

Am I saying don't try anything new? Stick with the two things you do now and that's it? No, of course not. I'm suggesting that you look carefully at all the options around you and see which ones might bring you joy. Not something that simply distracts you from your humdrum existence but that will bring you actual, profound pleasure. 

"But how will I know if I don't try them?" you whine. Start simple. Wait. See if you feel the same way in a week. Then a month. Do you still have a burning passion for decoupage? Is the desire to knit consume your every waking moment? If it does start doing your homework, Talk to people who do that thing. How did they start? Why do they enjoy it? What would they do differently if they were starting over? 

As promised, back to health and fitness.

Diet and exercise are just as easy to "try" and fail as any other lifestyle choice. And the advice remains the same. In this case, do you hurt bad enough, are you uncomfortable enough to take the steps, to build the habits, to practice the skills necessary to change your life? Would being healthier, fitter and living longer and better bring you pure, unbridled JOY? 

Thought so.

Then talk to people who've done it. We have lots of friends (our athletes) who've made that commitment and changed there lives. Talk with us about how that works and how we can help you get the same thing they've gotten. We have coaching both at our Momentum Fitness physical location as well as an absolutely Amazing online program. We can help you. But ya gotta wanna. 

A wise teacher once said, "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try." It's an attitude. Start with purpose, finish with results. Get with us.

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