There's no right answer

One of the many things we've learned over our years of coaching is that everybody's different.  Despite some universal truths - heavy lifting makes a muscle stronger, stress will kill you, [something] - the subtleties and nuances between people are vast. And really important.

And, too, there are plenty of wrong answers. Nobody got stronger running long distance, ever. Donuts are not health food, even made with organic eggs and heart-healthy-whole-grains. 

What this means is that we have to careful about what we believe and how we apply the right answers. Everybody should not, doesn't need to, eat Paleo. Ketogenic, South Beach, Flexitarian all work for somebody and are near disastrous for others. HIIT is fantastic training for athletes working to increase stamina and speed. But for those of us who are nursing an injury or don't have the requisite mobility for that kind of intensity it's a bad idea. How do you decide? You don't, that's why you have a coach.

It seems natural enough to seek out professional instruction when learning a new - perhaps dangerous - skill. Swimming is a good example. You wouldn't dream of taking your first trip to the pool by yourself, jumping in the deep end and trying, and perhaps failing, to teach yourself the details of not drowning. And yet you might show up at the gym with no plan and a head full of snakes about diet, health and fitness to figure it out on your own. 

How does that make any sense? At all? 

Right. It makes no sense. In any way. Ever. 

You're unique, a special snowflake. If you want to succeed at  improving your health, developing your fitness and increasing your longevity you owe it to yourself to get quality guidance. You're not going to stumble across the right answers for you and your situation in a magazine or on Dr. Freakin' Oz. Is what you'll find there right? Is it accurate? Maybe. But maybe not for you. 

Everything matters, not everything matters the same. Get the personalized attention you deserve. If not from us then from somebody as good as us. Oh, wait...

Get wth us. Let us help you ask better questions. Get the right answers for you.



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