What are you afraid of?

Many times when we do something new and challenging we run up against a giant, gnarly roadblock. Insurmountable, too huge to go around, no way to tunnel under, it mocks, it scoffs, it jeers us as we stare up in wonder and awe. (wow, too much?) Of course, I'm talking about...


And not even real failure. It's not like the things we're going to attempt will kill us. Not usually, anyway. (If they are then you should be cautious and have a plan but that's a topic for another day.) Even then, failure is a powerful-non motivator. It's the reason we hear "I have to get in shape before I come to the gym".  We want to feel more secure in our abilities but why?

It's really the fear of failing in front of others that most of us want to avoid at all costs. And why not? As we get older and more accomplished, becoming parents, captains of industry and other authority figures the stakes go up. We gain more ego that needs protecting. Especially if we live in a small, tight knit community where everybody knows our name. 

It doesn't have to be this way. We have new clients all the time that need just one class to feel they belong, that they'll be OK, to know that nobody's going to make fun of them or call them out. Because we've all been there. We've all had our very own first day, first week, first month. The magic? You show up, you win! We're there for you.

Even if you don't come to us be brave and start some kind of activity program. If you already do something stretch out and try something new. A new sport or game, a different workout class, an event of some kind (we love us some obstacle course races). You never know until you try it if you'll enjoy it.

Don't let fear of failing stop you. Learn to welcome the possibility of "this might not work".  it's how we grow into more interesting people.

Fear gets less powerful once we are brave enough to look it in the eye.

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