Why do you want to lose that weight?

So, you’ve got another 5/10/15 pounds to lose? Then what?

Life will be amazing? You’ll have eternal happiness? Your kids will behave like angels? Your spouse will shower you with affection and gifts? Your boss will promote you? 

See what I’m getting at?

Just why are you trying to lose that weight? Is it affecting your health, your performance, your worth as a human being? Or is it affecting your ego? 

I’m all about losing fat to be healthier. But when is good enough…well…good enough? You know the scale isn’t the best measure. We’ve gone over this time and time again.

So what is driving you? Really?

Is it some idealized version that you see on your Instagram feed or Pinterest boards? 

Do you have unrealistic expectations that are making it even harder for you to achieve your goals? Seriously, look up Cognitive Dietary Restraint. It’s a thing and it’s not healthy. Or just read this.

All that unrelenting criticism can take you to a place where you’ll never be happy in your body no matter what it actually looks like. And here’s where we begin to approach that invisible line between using that awareness and knowledge to nourish your body and fuel your life, and using that same knowledge to exert control and chase after goals that become ever more unattainable.”

Are you lamenting that last little bit of chub around the middle? Get over it. Work on moving better. Moving faster. Getting stronger. And being happier. That’s how you make lasting change in your life. Fixating on some imaginary number and trying to achieve an unnatural level of leanness is a losing bet.

Focus on caring for yourself and being healthy and happy. Forget about what you look like. Seriously. Understanding what drives you to make the choices you make is your first goal. If you're trying to look good in your bikini then ask yourself why you think you don’t look good now. Who is setting the standard that you are trying to meet? Do you really care?

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