Stop Working Out!

You heard me right. Stop it. Stop tormenting yourself, stop jamming that workout or run or P90 Burn session into an already overloaded schedule. Give yourself a break and just stop. 

What madness is this? Have I lost my health professional mind? Not at all. I want you to do something else instead. Don't worry, it's simple. Though it may not be easy.

What I want you to do is step back and take a look at your life. Your whole life, top to bottom. Really see the vision you have of yourself and examine your priorities. What's that vision look like? Most folks will see a healthy, happy, personally and professionally satisfied, well adjusted soul with good relationships, a manageable work load and a fun hobby or leisure activity, maybe two. 

Don't see how that's gonna happen? Do you dash from one thing to another, carpooling, meetings, eating in the car, late nights and early mornings, can't remember your last real day off, living for that 1 too-short week of "vacation" a year? Does your current track have you simply fantasizing about retirement (whatever that means) on a mythical island in the sun?

If you'd rather have version 1 here's what I want you to do. One - Get a good nights sleep. Really, it's not that hard. There are resources online and you can always ask us. You'll be a better person. Two - Slow down, especially your eating. Sit at a table, not a desk or in the car, and set a timer for 20 minutes. Enjoy your meal. Three - Get outside and take a walk. Yes, outside. If I catch you on a treadmill I'll haunt your dreams.

When you've gotten these simple things together you can come to the gym. Otherwise you're working against yourself and causing more unresolved stress and making yourself sick. Or sicker. You can have a do over any time you decide. Decide for now.

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