Hello, Momentum Fitness, Sayonara Back Pain

Jordan enjoying some pain-free squatting at Momentum Fitness.

Jordan enjoying some pain-free squatting at Momentum Fitness.

I have officially drunk the “CrossFit” Kool Aid. After being involved with Momentum Fitness for about 3 months, I have already managed to complete the Level-1 CrossFit Training Course, pass my test and become a CrossFit Level-1 Trainer Certificate holder. So, you know what that means. I’m officially that girl. Yeah, THAT ONE.

The one that is undoubtedly obsessed with, non-stop talking about, constantly posting over, oh-my-gosh can’t get enough of CrossFit’er that every non-CrossFit friend neighbor and relative loathes. 

Ugh, I know. It’s a bit overbearing at times when you come across an obsessed CrossFit fan. But bear with me for two seconds so I can tell you one smidgeon of why I have the worlds largest high-school girl crush on CrossFit. Just be sure to count to three using Mississippi-seconds. (One Mississippi…)

What if I said that my ‘oh-my-gosh can’t get enough of’ obsessive attitude was actually because of you? Mmhm, now you’re interested.  Get comfortable and count slower. (One and a half Mississippi…)

Hands down, there is nothing more annoying or uncomfortable than a part of your body in chronic pain, especially your back. For years, I blamed my back pain on the scoliosis (curvature of the spine) that I have. No kidding, on every single “leg day,” I prepared myself for pain that would stick around the rest of my day like an unbearable headache. Without fail, at some point during my leg workout, I knew I’d feel a sharp stab in my low back that my SO and training partner Robby and I dubbed a “tweak.” A few reps into our workout, typically during squats, we would ask each other, “You got the tweak yet?” More bizarre? Robby felt it, too, and he doesn’t even have scoliosis! Interesting.

(Two Mississippi)

Enter: Momentum Fitness. Exit: Back pain.

It’s GONE. And I’m not talking about diminished. Nope. I am talking about full-fledged, 100% pain FREE, like it was never there, GONE.  Tony and Karen teach proper mechanics through coaching that I would have never found at a traditional gym. They don’t just have us do movements in the warm-ups for no rhyme or reason; in fact everything they teach has meaning and purpose

It’s cool: Everything we do at Momentum Fitness can somehow be correlated to a movement in non-gym life. They over-lap. They mimic natural movements you use in everyday work and play. You get better at moving your body the way that it’s designed to be moved to make life outside the gym easier. And more fun.

For years, even after becoming a certified personal trainer, I performed movements and techniques that can’t be justified. I did things because that’s what I had always heard or learned or thought made sense. It’s mind boggling how these awful methods are so wide spread through the Globo gyms of the world. And what’s even more astonishing is how many people go through life with unnecessary aches and pains, like me for way too long, by performing exercise that’s not even beneficial.

I’ve only scratched the surface of what Momentum Fitness has done for my life. I’ve seen and felt it first hand. As a 24-year-old, I’d accepted the idea that if I wanted to look good and be fit I would have to live with this chronic back pain for the rest of my life. I thought it was an unavoidable side effect. And from all of the things I’d heard about CrossFit before actually becoming a CrossFit’er (man, I love saying that), I’d have never dreamed that this would be the remedy to my pain. 

So, how does any of that relate back to you? Simple: I care about you.  You might say, “Well that’s a little creepy, you don’t even know me.” Touché, I probably don’t really know you. But I don’t have to know you to know that my newfound slice of fitness heaven can benefit your life as well it has mine. With Momentum Fitness and CrossFit training prescribed appropriately and skillfully in your life, the potential to be your best possible self is endless. And at Momentum Fitness we care about helping others live a better life. No, really. We care. I’m that girl because I genuinely want others to achieve the life-long benefits from this remarkable fitness platform. I want to counter all the negative comments that you might have heard about CrossFit and show the truth so you can benefit like me and so many others. 

Live a better, less painful life. E-mail me today.

(Three Mississippi.)