Put down that donut and think better

You may think you should put the donut down because it’s going to pack on the pounds. You know, “once on the lips, forever on the hips.”

And, yes, there is truth there but there’s a more compelling reason to forgo the sugary treat: keeping your brain in top condition. And I’m not talking about having a super-high, diabetic or pre-diabetic glucose level. Turns out that even a slightly elevated blood glucose level can affect memory. 

researchers, writing this week in the journal Neurology, have some new data that suggest that even modest increases in blood sugar among people in their 50s, 60s and 70s can have a negative influence on memory.

The study included 141 healthy older people, all of whom had blood sugar in the normal range. All of the participants were given recall tests where they were read a list of 15 words and then asked to repeat back as many as they could remember.

The researchers found that if a person's hemoglobin A1C (the AIC test is a common blood test that reflects a person's average blood sugar level over a two-to-three month period) went from 5 percent, which is in the normal range, up to 5.6 percent, which is edging closer to what doctors classify as pre-diabetes, this was associated with recalling fewer words.”

Laying off the sweet stuff is one step in keeping the old noggin sharp. But if you truly want to be a superager ( and who doesn’t?) you have to learn to push yourself, mentally & physically, to the point of being uncomfortable. I’m not talking about limb-shaking, pool of sweat, nausea-inducing exercise but it needs to be hard and challenging, just like the stuff we do in our Legends class. 

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