Follow through

Eye on the ball, Robby.

Eye on the ball, Robby.

A follow through is supposed to change everything. It's almost magic. If you don't hear anything else from a coach you'll hear "make sure to follow through". Doesn't matter if it's a golf swing, a basketball shot or a tennis serve. But what is a "follow through" exactly? What does it do? How's does it help? Why so many questions?

First off, why should it matter at all? The ball (or whatever) is long gone by the time you start your mystical follow through. At that point the object doesn't care  what you're doing. 

And there's the point. The follow through isn't a cause it's an effect. To not follow through means you slowed down and stopped right when you made contact. You only took half a swing, made most of a shot, pulled up short on your jab.

You didn't commit.

Now we come to the health, fitness and longevity part of the story. I don't care if it's an athletic endeavor, your diet or taking all your medications when you're sick, if you're going to get the most out of it - You've. Gotta. Commit. Right from the start. Don't back into something with the idea that, somehow, you'll "rise to the occasion". Won't happen. You don't care. Which is fine. Do yourself a favor. Don't start. Wait. See how you feel later. Then if it's right, do it. But give it what you've got, don't just poke around at it.

Next time you're encouraged to follow through on something look at how you started. Were you committed? If so, the follow through is already taken care of.

Any other questions about your health and fitness get with us. We can help.