Happy Holidays


What makes a regular day a holiday? Presents? Cake? Spare ribs? I offer that it's not the things we get or even the things we give but what we bring to the day, the effort and emotion that we invest, that make a random Wednesday or Saturday into a holiday. 

If you've ever had the feeling that holidays are just too much trouble are you ready to change something? If the season, whatever it is, is just a huge bother of spending and shopping, cooking and eating, getting, going, picking up, dropping off, then, truly, why are you doing it all? Nobody says you have to. You can do whatever you want.

Instead of the typical hubbub, visit with family but maybe leave out the buying stuff and just spend time together over a meal that everyone helps prepare. Tell someone you love them. Donate time to your favorite charity or social cause. Take a whole day off, go to a quiet spot and reflect on your good fortune. Reconnect with your spiritual roots or discover some new ones around the time of year or event. Reach out, give of yourself. Don't get caught up in the manufactured "joy" that so few seem to like.

Now, if you truly groove on doing the traditional holiday thing, have at it. You can do whatever you want. But if you need a break, a genuine day (or ten) of gratitude without the cultural trappings then for heaven's sake do it.

Know what happens? Any day can be a holiday. Surprise!