Sugar's bad for me? Really?


Here's the latest evidence of the biggest cover up you've never heard of. Even though we've known for years that there was some monkey business with marketing of sugar laden foods - especially soft drinks - calling them "part of a balanced diet" this report is the most direct evidence that Big Sugar knew this crap is bad for humans and buried that information.

This isn't really news. Unless you've been living on another planet you know too much sugar (which isn't much) is bad for you. It wears out your pancreas which then stops producing insulin and you wind up diabetic. It messes with your hormones which affects your sleep which messes with your hormones. Messing with your sleep increases stress as you try to get through an already stressful day. Which - wait for it - messes with your hormones.

The two-fold problem is this; you don't believe sugar is really that bad for you and it takes a long time to begin to really suffer from the effects.

You don't believe it because, well, sugar tastes good. For better or worse we're hard wired to enjoy sweet tastes. Add to this that you're being constantly marketed this junk and that it's in everything you buy and the smart money's against you.

So what to do? Get woke. Know what you're eating, recognize the messages you receive are designed to get you to buy things and not for your own good. 

Don't be deceived.