"Nothing matters more than results"

Being a superhero isn't about your score

Being a superhero isn't about your score

This is the title of a post by Seth Godin, you should read it. It has to do with marketing but there are broader applications. For us, to our health and fitness.

We often let ourselves think that the only thing that matters is the score. The load lifted or the time we finished the workout. After all isn't that why we're there? To do our best and set PR's and, you know, win

I don't think so.

Do those things matter? Of course they do but I don't think they matter most or even close to the top of the list.


Did I do my best at the movements?

Did I support my teammates?

Was I focused on what I was doing? Completely in the moment?

Did I show the instructor and my classmates respect (by, say, getting to class on time)?

Did I listen to my coach and do what she said? What did I learn?

What did I contribute for the good of the class?

Did I set my ego aside and do the workout as intended?

Did I do my best at the movements? (Yeah, again)

Results - numbers and times - are just the tip of an iceberg. At the gym, just like the rest of your life, it matters far more what kind of person you are, how you treat others and what kind of citizen you are than how much you can deadlift, how much money you make or the car you drive. 

In the end the things that matter are what we'll remember about you.

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