Skittles & sirloin

A cow eating what it should eat. 

A cow eating what it should eat. 

Did you hear the one about the icy Wisconsin highway, the defective red Skittles and a herd of beef cattle?

Yeah, I wish it were a joke. 

If you didn’t read the story when it happened, check it out here

So the gist is: to save money farmer’s are using defective candy (a term that is borderline oxymoronic) to feed livestock. The Skittle seconds spilled on that highway in Wisconsin were destined to be mixed with some other non-food type items and fed to animals. These animals thrive when they eat grass which is very efficiently & healthily processed by their ruminant digestive system. Cows. Do. Not. Eat. Candy. Not willingly, anyway.

Not only will the cows be fed corn, which their digestive system was not designed for, they will also be fed a highly-processed corn-based food product, i.e. They will be mainlining corn. 

It makes a whole lot of economic sense from the farmer’s and candy manufacture’s (a.k.a. Mars) point of view. From the consumer’s point of view, I, for one, am slightly to horrifically appalled. If you didn’t think farming was an industry before, you have to believe it now. 

And how far will this go. 

Please, I beg you…vote with your food dollars. Buy locally & sustainably produced meats and veggies. We are very luck to have so many resources available to us.