Camarderie, Competition, Comparison

There's a reason why camaraderie is listed first. 

There's a reason why camaraderie is listed first. 

What do you get when you sign up for the CrossFit Open?

Well, you get a little bit of those three things: camaraderie, competition & comparison. 

If you’ve been to our Friday Night Lights events for the Open you know the best part is having all of your favorite people from Momentum Fitness around, cheering you on, pushing you to do more than you ever thought possible and freely giving hugs and high fives afterward. 

That’s really what the spirit of the Open is all about: supporting, congratulating and celebrating one another. 

The competition part might seem a little intimidating but it actually adds to the other two. When you compete against yourself and others like you in the gym and across the world, you get to see how far you’ve come as well as what’s possible in the future. Moving beyond the Open to Regionals is cool but we leave that for the elite of the elite. We do the Open to establish a baseline for ourselves and to put all of our hard work to the test. 

The comparison part is just fun. With the highly interactive leaderboard on the CrossFit Games site, you can compare your performance to people in your age group across the world, the country, the state, the county. There are innumerable combinations of filters that you can use to build your own custom Leaderboard. And the best part is you. No matter where you end up on that board, you're still beating all of those people that didn't sign up for the Open.

So really, there’s no reason not to. Right?

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