Be kinder

Being kind means celebrating your victories and accepting applause from your team. 

Being kind means celebrating your victories and accepting applause from your team. 

This year, I want you to be kinder. That sounds nice & sweet and pretty doable, right? Well, it’s more difficult than you think.

You see, I want you to be kinder to yourself. 

Understand that you have an opportunity to do better every day. Better does not mean perfect. You can and should mess things up, make mistakes, fall down and drop the ball. In fact all those things are vital to you getting better. 

The key is giving yourself the space, stepping away from your expectations and taking the lessons that life gives you. 

Let’s say you are trying to eat a healthier diet but one day your spouse brings home cookies and you have one or two. Or three. What do you do? Get mad at him or her? Berate yourself for not having the willpower to resist the temptation? Punish yourself by eating only kale and baked chicken the rest of the week?

Or do you look for the lesson. What was going on around your when you ate the cookie? How did you feel? Was the indulgence worth it? If not, what can you do differently the next time something like this happens?

Do you also look at all the good things you ate that day? The eggs and fruit you had for breakfast or the big salad and fish you had for lunch. 

Making change is not an all or nothing proposition. It’s a process. And it’s a lot easier (and a lot more effective) when you're kind to yourself. 

It might seem a little "out there" but the research shows that being kind to yourself makes you more effective and more likely to succeed. And, think about this, if you get in the habit of being kind to yourself you'll find it easier to achieve your goal. I mean, if you're being kind, wouldn’t you rather feed yourself some fresh veggies and lean protein that will nourish your body and make you healthier in the long run than a bunch of cookies that may taste good immediately but make you less healthy long-term?

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