Where does confidence come from?

I started studying martial arts at the ripe age of 30. I know 30 is still pretty wet behind the ears, relative to where I am now at a youthful 47. 

My point is I never did martial arts as a kid, much as I secretly wanted to. I was shy. I never really asked or pushed to do it. But I also doubted myself...I figured I wouldn't be any good at it, that I'd look silly and that everyone in the class would laugh at me. 

It seems stupid looking back at those thoughts but to my young mind everyone of these things were so very real and would most definitely happen (I now know that everyone feels this way about something at some point in their life, except for maybe the psychopath that doesn't feel anything.)

So I finally walked through the doors of my dojo at 30 years old and all those thoughts were still there. They weren't as strong -- at least not strong enough to keep me from walking in but they were still deep inside me. 

The cool thing is that I very quickly quieted those not so helpful voices in my head. The secret was believing in myself (which you've probably heard before) but more importantly following up those beliefs with concrete, physical actions. In this case, the actions were as concrete and physical as they come -- punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing pads and heavy bags. 

I gained mental and emotional confidence as well as a physical confidence that accelerated and supercharged the other two. That was my first true exposure to how being physically capable and powerful can make you stronger in mind, emotion and spirit.  

Despite playing some sports growing up, martial arts was my entre' into the world of physical training and it has taught me so much more about my inner strength than any other pursuit I've undertaken. That's why I'm thrilled to be circling back to that first love and teaching kickboxing again. 

I know there are plenty of people out there that not only need an amazing workout but could also use a confidence boost and a de-stressing session. We offer kickboxing every Wednesday morning at 8:30. If you want to jump in on a class email me or sign up at the link below.