Who defines normal?

My mom recently went to the doctor. She’s been having issues with forgetfulness. When the doctor asked her about it, she responded:

“I’m 85 years old. It’s normal to forget things.”

Her doctor’s response….”No. It’s not.”

Hearing this story from my sister made me think about those ideas we all have of what aging is and what it should be. 

Who defines normal for us?

The cranky old man that needs a cane. The cute little grandmother that is always forgetting where she put stuff. 

These caricatures define a normal that is really not normal.

Just like a 10-year-old kid developing Type 2 diabetes is not normal. Losing the capacity to care for yourself and others is not normal at any point during your lifetime. 

Get that? Just because it’s common does not make it normal. 

Childhood obesity….not normal.

Mental & physical decrepitude….not normal. 

Don’t concede to the common. 

Redefine normal.

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