You can't out-train a bad diet

It's an unfortunate truth. Work out as hard as you want and eat like crap, you'll get (maybe) half of the benefits of your effort. We see it, we hear about, we've lived it. From Precision Nutrition:

No matter how hard you bust your butt in the gym or on the track, a lean body and top athletic performance come mostly from smart food choices. Exercising to "burn calories" or make up for "mistakes" doesn't work in the long run.

Not only does that turn movement into a chore and eating into a sin, but it eventually makes you feel run down and hungrier than ever.

Their (and our) advice? Start at the table. Make food choices that earn their rent and add value to your life. 

Keep up the good work in the gym. But if you want to maximize your return on that investment fix your eating plan. Need help? Ask us!

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