Look, I'm as much, maybe more, into convenience as the next guy. Like you, I'm busy doing all the things, going all the places and seeing all the people that a make a complete life. To get more done, sometimes I take the easy way out. I drive through the car wash instead of hand washing it,  pay somebody to cut the grass and clean the pool and the Roomba gives us a fighting chance of keeping up with the dog hair. I do all this to spend more time making the money to pay for those things. And I love what I do. It works out great.

One of the short cuts I like best is getting partially prepped food. Bagged salad mixes save time and give us more variety, deli stuff is the starting place for full meals and fantastic snack options and I almost always get my shrimp steamed and seasoned at the seafood counter. 

But I've got to draw a line. See that picture above, that's it.

This is not pre-prepped. It is not a convenience food. It is not the beginning of a larger meal. It's wrong and probably evil. It's most certainly unnatural and probably unhealthy. I've got a stick, no, a pack of gum says it doesn't even taste good.

First, it's cauliflower. Nothing cooks quicker with the possible exception of water itself. Buy it cut up in the produce section, punch a hole in the bag, hit "minute plus" on the 'wave. Done. Second, if you want Buffalo anything do it yourself. The ingredient list on the back of this bag would curl your hair. Wander over to the spice section and grab a box or bottle of pre made seasoning of your choice and have at it. Last, $2.59 for 9 ounces!?!! Give me a break! I could buy a side of cauliflower, have it butchered, wrapped and frozen for less.

The point here is, you deserve better. Know when it's convenience for good and when it's just novelty. (Novelty's not bad but if you do it regularly it's not novel, is it?) Your food is no place to recklessly cut corners. Know what you're buying, be clear on why you're doing it. Don't let marketing fool you. The less processing (by somebody besides you) the better. Do I have to say read the labels? Didn't think so.