Taking time off

I know how controversial this is but I'm going to say it anyway;

Take some time off. 

It's Labor Day weekend, it's the perfect time for it. And you, yes, even you, deserve it. Let me say it differently; you need to take time off for your health and fitness. Mentally, physically and emotionally you can't, successfully, just keep going, day after day, at the break-neck speed we all seem to live our lives lately.

Stress is a great thing. It makes us stronger and better able to withstand the rigors of daily life. Too much stress, whether in intensity, volume or duration, is not a good thing. Look up from the desk (or wherever you work) and you'll probably realize it's been a long time since you stepped away and took an extra deep breath.

You don't have to go to Corsica or plan a whirlwind 6 days in Aruba (even more stressful than regular life sometimes) to have a break. Staycations, simple trips to local retreats, even just turning off all your electronics for the weekend and hiding out at home once in a while can do the trick.

Whatever you choose, do it. You've got an extended weekend coming up, use it wisely.

You're welcome.