Fat loss results that last take time

Imagine you are brand new to barbell training and you have a goal of being able to lift 200 pounds. You walk into a gym and explain to the trainer what you want to accomplish. The trainer then loads up a barbell to 200 pounds and has you try to pick it up. Of course, having never trained to lift heavy, you fail. But the trainer tells you to continue to try to pick it up since that is your goal.

You would quickly walk out of that gym, right?

But we do this all the time when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle changes. We want to eat healthy and take care of ourselves so that we can look good, feel good and be fit. So we make pledges: "Starting tomorrow, I'm giving up sugar and bread and eating only lean meat and lots of vegetables." That's the nutrition equivalent of loading up the barbell to 200 pounds. 

We get stronger by starting at a manageable weight on the bar, say 45 pounds, then adding small amounts, say 10 pounds, when lifting that gets easy. You build upon your successes and make long-term strength gains. 

The same principle applies to nutrition and lifestyle improvements. If you start with small habits and practice them until they become easy then add another that progresses you forward, then you build upon your successes and make long-term fitness gains.

That's what our new online Momentum Nutrition Coaching program is all about: guiding you to build small and progressive positive habits that will result in long-term success. This is not a short-term "challenge" that demands wholesale change. It's not a meal plan that gives you narrow but expensive food choices. This is a year-long coaching program (with emphasis on the coaching) that supports you to make better choices. 

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