Change starts on the inside

Creating a healthy life involves making changes to how we eat, how we move, how we recover and most we think. 

Deciding to change our lifestyle is a great start but if we don't have strategies for making those changes permanent, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Just denying ourselves our favorite foods is like treating the leaky boat by bailing it out every few minutes. It takes a constant effort and a missed moment will sink us. 

The first and best step is understanding why we make the choices we do (even if they sometimes don't feel like choices.) Once we know the why: "I turn to chocolate when I'm stressed" or "I always have a glass of wine when I'm with ______", we understand the triggers that bring about the behavior we want to change. We can then either avoid those situations altogether (sometimes impossible) or develop alternate strategies for when we encounter those situations (the ideal, long-term solution).

You see, as we've said before, relying on willpower is not the best strategy. We have a very limited supply of it and it expires quickly.  In building good habits, however, we are creating an infinitely renewable resource that will lead to more good habits and ultimately to success. 

This is the exact process our new 12-month, online Momentum Nutrition Coaching guides you through. With your coach's help you will discover those thoughts, feelings, emotions that lead to unhealthy choices and you will be able to understand those thoughts, feelings and emotions so that you can develop new healthy habits that lead to a happier, healthier you. 

It's not an easy process but each day's short (usually less than 10 minutes) lesson prompts you to examine how you think and feel about yourself, your life and the choices you make. Once you have this knowledge, the way to make change becomes so much clearer. And the best part, you have everything you need to continue living healthy once you've graduated. 

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