Build your emotional strength

Any time you're facing something new whether it's a social situation, an unfamiliar office task or a workout there's some fear involved. Well, maybe not fear. Apprehension, anxiety, aversion, cold feet, worry, dismay, doubt, dread, despair, horror, jitters, concern, sure, maybe. But not fear.

How you face that fear is what matters. Twain said, "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear--not absence of fear." Everybody frets about doing that new thing. The goal is to enlist that emotion to help you, not slow you down or keep you from accomplishing something.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle can be like that. You are doing it for all of the right reasons but those same fears and doubts can creep up to sabotage you: What if I fail? What if it doesn't work? What if I gain back even more weight when I'm done?

The truth is, each of those excuses fall apart on closer examination. Most things are not as scary in reality as they are in our heads (except maybe a bear attack.) The key is to examine the fears and doubts and understand why they are there. 

Our Momentum Coaching program helps you do just that. Every day you'll receive a short lesson that will allow you to understand the health decisions you make daily and guide you to build your own "owner's manual" so you know how to navigate all of the little bumps and distractions that life throws at you. 

You'll work with your coach to build inner strength as you build the body you've always wanted.