Rest as fast as possible

We're kinda kidding when we say that at the gym but there really is something to it. If you've just finished 3 days of hard training or are in the planned rest segment of an EMOM or other workout you've got time to recover. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Use this time wisely.

If you have a day or more before your next training session treat that time like the component part of your athletic life that it is. Sleep (like an athlete), eat (like an athlete), do some active rest (like an athlete. See the pattern?), for the sake of all things sacred, do some mobility (like, well, you know), and generally live with purpose, as an athlete. You know that's what you are, right?

If you're mid workout you can't do all these things but you can do something as or more important - 


Slow down, stand still and breathe. Don't stomp all over the place eating chalk and pounding your head on the wall. Relax, refocus and breathe. You'll make the most of your rest time by gathering your senses, regaining focus on what you have in front of you and getting a clean start.

You only have a minute, maybe two, let it reenergize you. You athlete, you.

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