Sleep...we're not kidding

One of the simplest and most effective strategies for improving health and fitness is improving the quality of your sleep. We say it all the time. But have you truly paid attention to how long and how well you sleep? 

We recommend 8-10 hours a night in a cool, dark, quiet room. 

If you have been chronically under-sleeping because of your work schedule, your social schedule or because you think you don't need that much sleep, take a two-week test and see if your life doesn't improve. 

If you struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep, try to figure out why and fix it. We've written about different strategies and there are plenty of other resources out there. Some suggestions:

If you try all of these strategies and still struggle, see a doctor and get a sleep study done. 

We can't over-emphasize how important this is. 

Chronic lack of sleep has been linked to weight gain, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, cardio-vascular disease and so many other things. It's really good for your kids, too.

And with a new habit of better sleep, you'll feel soooo good.