Your secret weapon

As we’ve been training you to be stronger, faster, fitter you've probably discovered that we’ve also been giving you a secret weapon that not only enhances those three qualities but also makes you perform better at work, be a more supportive spouse or partner and, dare we say it, makes you drop dead sexy.

That secret weapon (that probably isn’t a secret to you) is the confidence you’ve developed as you’ve trained with us and pushed yourself to do things you never thought possible. 

You see, one of the most attractive traits you can have is self-confidence. Having the hot body that being fit, fast and strong gives you doesn’t hurt but when it comes to being truly sexy, nothing beats the self-confidence of knowing that you can move well and do amazing things with that hot body (you, know like squats and handstands).

Take a look around sometime when you’re out in public, surrounded by people who don’t train like you do. See all the slumped shoulders, the shuffling feet? It’s like the rest of the world doesn’t even have the strength or endurance to hold themselves upright, let alone move about with the grace you have.

Not only do you have the physical strength and endurance to hold yourself in good posture (shoulders back & down, chest up, head neutral) but you have the mental, emotional and psychological strength and endurance to handle whatever might come your way: a screaming child, an angry boss, a traffic jam. That’s what truly gives you confidence and that’s your super-secret, super-sexy weapon. You’re welcome.