Your next challenge...start small

When you think of a challenge do you envision tackling a monumental feat like running a marathon or ultramarathon or losing 50 pounds or increasing your deadlift by 100 pounds? Those are all legit, if lofty, goals.

But most things good in life are not accomplished by straight-forward, monumental and linear efforts. They are accomplished by ongoing, consistent and compounding efforts. 

Setting your sights on a big hairy, audacious goal can leave you overwhelmed and stuck at the starting line. If you break that BHAG down into smaller pieces, though, now you can get started. 

Want to run a marathon? Start by running one mile five days a week. Want to lose 50 pounds? Start by eliminating sugar from your diet for a month. Want to increase your deadlift? Do 10 minutes of mobility every day.  

Once that challenge has become a habit, make it a little bigger or add another. Keep moving forward…one baby step at a time. 


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